$10 a unit. Usually 20-25 units per area with the forehead consisting of 3 areas. After consulting with our injector about your area of concern, the amount of units needed for the desired effect will be discussed. For the "elevens" or the Glabella usually 20 units will be needed to start. the "Crowsfeet" are on average are 24, and the forehead usually requires 20 but this can fluctuate especially patient to patient. For more information on Botox in Buda, Texas or to speak with a Patient Care Consultant please call Well Boutique Spa. We will be happy to discuss to great results our patients receive with their Botox treatments.

A great dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid.

PERMANENTLY say goodbye to neck fat.


We are so excited to announce that we have extended the team of
Well Boutique Spa to include an another amazing woman and experienced
aesthetic injector from our community. Karen has enjoyed living with her
family in central Texas for the last 2 decades and brings over 17 years of experience in the field of aesthetics and injectables with an extensive
history of very happy patients. She has extensive continued education and
training as well as moving into the realm of trainer herself.
Click here for Karen's C.V.
She finds her niche in a warm team environment making the experience for each client as comforatable and rewarding as possible.
Trusting Karen with your outer appearance and her conservative approah will
make you too a long time client that will reep the rewards of taking
conservative care of your appearance with a trusted and talented injector.
Karen has other trainings in laser aesthetics as well as facial threading.
Schedule your complimentary cosmetic injectable consultation with Karen and
the Well Spa Team by calling 512.789.9484.


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