At WELL, we believe that healthy holistic healing is a passion can be practiced through therapeutic massage and hydrotherapy techniques that are specifically customized for each client, for each session. Our busy lives in central Texas can bring our bodies to a place that only massage therapy and hydrotherapy techniques from certified and talented therapists can allow for immediate and over course of treatment even long term relief. Well’s compettive treatment pricing and client policy (see below) are offered for many to be able to experience sense of
Feel WELL, Live Well

Client/Staff Policies
Client appointments will be attempted to be confirmed by WELL by contacting the client at their preferred method (obtained upon scheduling and confirmed on Client Information Sheet) 24 hours prior to appointment.In the event of a no show or same day cancellation the client is responsible to pay for the entire treatment.

WELL asks that all clients are aware that each sessions length of time is reserved specifically for them. Please know that the chance of moving another client into their session time is difficult and as we respect all of your time respectfully and request the same mindfulness to maintain the therapists profitability.